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Amelie Forest puzzle

Welcome to the exciting educational game Amelie Forest jigsaw puzzle for child.

Children of any age can play it.

It is a fun, educational learning game for preschool children and toddlers including those with autism.

Funny forest animals puzzles will carry away toddlers and kids for a long time.

Thanks to baby Puzzles, your toddler can get acquainted with amazing forest animals collecting puzzles of animals.

The Baby puzzles will allow the child to quickly learn and remember animals not only in English, but also in other languages ​​of the world.


Children are not only interested in playing this educational puzzle game, but also to learn various useful skills.

Kids educational jigsaw puzzle game will make your kid's leisure bright and cognitive.



Features of the educational Forest Animals Puzzles game:

* Toddlers puzzles develop imaginative skills and logical thinking, attention and memory in your baby;

* Kids Puzzles develop children's logic skills, observation skills, concentration of attention and coordination of movements;

* Educational game teaches the child to correctly perceive the connection between the part and the whole;

* Playing jigsaw puzzle you toddlers develops fine motor skills;

* Kids Puzzle game expands the horizon through acquaintance with forest animals in different languages ​​of the world;

* Developed as a special educational game for preschool children and toddlers;

* 12 beautiful forest animals for your child;

* Simple and intuitive child, friendly game interface;

* Easy to learn and to control.


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